The Online Poker Starting Guide

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The Online Poker Starting Guide


The Online Poker Starting Guide



Poker is a wonderful game. It is a mix ofcourage, psychology, science and luck: every ingredient needed to make it a great challenge. What differentiates poker  from other great strategy games such asChess, Backgammon or Bridge is it’s  simplicity to learn. Once you get thatan ace beats a king, and that a flush beats  a straight, you’ve got pretty much everything covered. There are some other  rules, of course, but they are not going to prevent you from sitting down at a  poker table and having some fun. And fun iswhat it’s all about! Poker, however,  behind that smoke screen, is a very complex game, which needs years of playing  to master.

The object of this text if to give you a complete tour of what is available and what should be done to play poker online. I will walk you through a registration process  and even make you play for fun a little. I will also include valuable information on  online poker, what tools are available, which are the best and where you should  go on the web to improve your playing skills. When you are through with this  eBook, you will be ready to play and ready to use the web to make you a better  poker player. Even if you are a seasoned online player, you should find a couple  of valuable tips here and there.

Also provided in this ebook are a whole bunch of bonuses and promotions that could earn you several hundred dollars inextra cash in your online player’s  account. They are really worth it.

So, on that note…let’s shuffle up and deal!

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