Newbies Guide To Twitter

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Newbies Guide To Twitter

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a Twitter fan for a while, or you’ve barely got started: If you’re not actively using this rapidly-growing social network as a powerful marketing tool, you may be missing a very important boat.

Newbies Guide To Twitter

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a Twitter fan for a while, or you’ve barely got started: If you’re not actively using this rapidly-growing social network as a powerful marketing tool, you may be missing a very important boat.

And if you are already marketing with Twitter… but doing even one or two little things wrong… your strategy can actually harm your sales and subscribers!

There are many reasons why people are flocking (no pun intended) to Twitter.

And why it had a growth rate of 700% in a 12 month period… with 44.5 million unique visitors worldwide reported in June, 2009.

(Just think – if even 1% of those visitors found and followed you on Twitter, that would be 19,360 followers!)

And proper marketing can increase the chances of this happening by miles!

The Art Of Tweeting And Twitter Popularity:
It’s Not Just About The Apps

There are 2 very important components to marketing with Twitter, and I’ll be totally up front about it – no secret here!

  • You need to find and master the right Twitter aids and applications


  • You need to know everything about the specific peculiarities of Twitter presentation and communication

Some facets of Twitter marketing, you’ll easily understand, since you already use them expertly in your marketing and social networking efforts.

But there are a vital few that are totally Twitter-unique.

What If Just A Few Pointers Made 95% Of The Difference To Your Marketing Success?

Pointers like:

  • The single most important advantage you must never lose sight of. (Get it right, and you’ll have a Twitter presence people will flock to!)
  • The single monumental Twitter secret almost everyone overlooks
  • 2 small but crucial steps not to miss, when deciding how to market your Twitter self
  • 3 solid ways to make sure you’re hitting all of your Twitter SEO goals
  • A secret tool successful Twitter users employ to keep in constant touch with their market
  • 5 lively elements you need to inject in your tweets – and how to do it every time
  • 3 things you absolutely must give your Twitter followers – if you want to keep them
  • 5 types of tweets proven to engage readers – every single time, if you do them right!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to effective strategies you can use for promoting your presence on Twitter…

It’s Not Enough To Be Known And Followed:
The Most Successful Twitter Marketers Write Tweets That Are Eagerly Looked For – And Thoroughly Enjoyed!

Social networking is an art – but Twitter is yet again in a class of its own.

You see, its readers dynamically decide what they enjoy, and their preferences and actions have taken Twitter in directions never originally dreamed about.  (This is different from platforms like Facebook, where you are entirely controlled by its apps and set up conventions.)

The very simplicity of Twitter’s format allows for a huge range of freedom – but don’t let that simplicity fool you:  There are hidden and powerful conventions – created by the people themselves – you simply cannot afford to flout.

Put it this way:  If Twitter was a piece of art, it wouldn’t be a painting, hanging in a gallery for people to look at.

It would consist of pure “performance art” – where the interaction is a key component of its form and substance.

Twitter is probably the most highly interactive, real-time social medium on the internet today.

And it’s vital to engage the Twitosphere armed with precision skills to cut out the “clutter”.

You really need to uncover…

  • The single biggest “real life” Twitter lesson you can adopt as your marketing communication model. I absolutely guarantee you won’t see even a hint of this anywhere else on the net!  (Hint; it’s a secret real-life social-group “Test” taught to me by an unassuming department store janitor – that improved my Twitter follower-attraction and retention rate by an almost-instant 50%.)
  • 4 differences you absolutely must be aware of, if you want to create bonding and a sense of belonging/community among people with only a single thing in common (besides you)
  • 5 things you absolutely must not do, if you want to have all your tweets read – every time
  • The single most compelling – and avoidable – reason why your “personal” comments may not engage people
  • The single most compelling secret to making sure your “personal” comments DO engage!
  • The one thing you must always do your best to trigger, when tweeting – no matter what type of tweet you create
  • 4 hidden Twitter advantages that fooled all the industry experts

… and made all their predictions veer off course by miles, in less than a year!

Who Cares If You Ate A Boiled Egg For Breakfast?

Yet I’ll be honest – everywhere I still read blog posts from people blithely refusing to do just that!

Knowing the power of Twitter, the saddest words I read run along the lines of: “Why should I bother adding another social networking platform – it’s a waste of time.”

And: “Who cares if you ate a boiled egg for breakfast?”

Yet the truth is, many of the people who came out with statements like this barely a year ago are Twitter’s biggest disciples – and users – today!

(And everywhere, you’ll read people saying: “I wish I’d jumped on Twitter’s bandwagon when it started rolling – I would have been so much further ahead right now.”)

Twitter Is So Easy To Use Why Wouldn’t
You Add It To Your Gameplan?

So don’t be one of those marketers who’ll end up kicking themselves, when they miss:

  • Hundreds of brand new, never before reached pre-qualified followers who actively seek out links and subscribe to lists
  • Unique joint venture opportunities – with the most powerfully qualified potential partners
  • The chance to daily put their face and personality before receptive industry experts
  • The fastest – and fastest-growing – way to update everyone who uses the world wide web

(In fact, you can even instantly update your Facebook on Twitter – bypassing the tedious Facebook login process – and annoying apps bombarding you to join them – altogether!

And there are multiple Twitter clients you can use, to keep up with your followers (and those you are following – Computers and mobile phones are really only just two.)

So if you’d like to understand why people care who ate that boiled egg for breakfast (and how to have fun doing it), well, that’s why I’ve written my Special Report, “Twitter Marketing Guide: How To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool” just for you.

How Would You Like To Read And Understand The Twitter Marketing Guide Faster Than You Update Most Of Your Social Networking Platforms?

Download it right now, and let me cheerfully tell you about:

  • 8 proven ways to make sure your Twitter profile grabs people’s interest and attention
  • 8 powerful tracking tool tips to help you with your statistical analysis and planning
  • 6 Twitter directories that can make asteroid-level impact on your market
  • 3 vital direct-benefit tools to boost your already-boosted marketing efforts (one of them may actually one day literally save your list!)
  • 4 powerful and prove tips to help you successfully use affiliate marketing on Twitter
  • The single most important secret about the art of tweeting you really need to hear
  • 7 focused ways Twitter can help you boost your marketing this year – in fact, this week!
  • The single most serious advertising mistake sure to make people instantly block you
  • 10 rock solid tips for writing your greatest all-time tweets
  • 2 solid tool tips to help you naturally attract the right people – and what’s more, keep them loyally with you
  • 8 basic “must-have” organizational tool tips to turbo-drive your tweeting (and no – not one of them is “automated”)

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